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Art Guard has been a leader in art security for nearly a decade, providing innovative museum-quality security solutions for large and small museums, galleries and hotels. Art Guard’s Safe Hook has brought reliable protection to hanging works in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. 

And now Art Guard MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) provides comprehensive, 24/7, wireless security for the protection of almost any stationary object — regardless of size — including art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, historic treasures, reliquary, wine and firearms. MAP’s patented technology discreetly alarms each individual object, offering unparalleled flexibility and peace-of-mind security to museums, private collectors, galleries, hotels, churches and any facility with art and valuable assets, especially when intrusion security is off. MAP meets the ultimate goal in asset protection, offering accessibility and enhancing viewer experience while preventing tampering and theft.

“Art Guard’s MAP has given both security and the conservators a real sense of comfort that no other security product has been able to.”
Jack Quigley, Director of Security, Morgan Library, NYC

Unrivaled advantages of Art Guard:

  • Museum quality solutions
  • 24/7 protection of specific objects, even the smallest
  • Protection of any stationary asset, seated or hanging
  • Discreet, wireless & scalable from one to thousands of sensors
  • Inexpensive, easy to install & virtually maintenance-free

Art Guard MAP
(Magnetic Asset Protection)

Watch our 90 second video demonstration of MAP.

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MAP provides unparalleled security for art and valuable assets.


Safe Hook is the only hanging system and alarm in one.

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