The Leading Solutions for Art and Asset Security

Art Guard has been a leader in art security for nearly a decade, providing innovative, museum-grade solutions for protection from theft of art and valuable assets. Art Guard products, including MAP, the MAP System, and SAFE HOOK, offer object-specific security to each individual piece, whether in a museum, gallery, private residence or any facility with assets that are on display or vulnerable to theft. Art Guard solutions are distinguished by their ability to protect almost any stationary object in any setting. Their reliability, flexibility, ease-of-use and affordability make protecting a collectible in a home as easy as securing a masterpiece in a major museum. When perimeter security is off to accommodate normal activity in any facility, Art Guard continues to protect, 24/7, making dedicated security your best defense.


MAP Sensors

Art Guard MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) is a unique wireless sensor that offers comprehensive protection for any asset — regardless of size — in any facility. MAP’s patented technology discreetly alarms each individual object, offering unparalleled flexibility and peace-of-mind to museums, private collectors, galleries, hotels, churches, art fairs and historic facilities. MAP meets the ultimate goal in asset protection, offering accessibility and enhancing viewer experience while preventing tampering and theft.


The MAP System

The MAP System offers the effective asset protection of the MAP sensor in a system that delivers comprehensive encrypted security and the convenience of home automation in a self-contained package. This plug-and-play system with cellular back-up is ideal for private collectors and installations where dedicated security can be managed entirely from a mobile device.


Safe Hook

Art Guard Safe Hook is an alarm-at-the-point-of-contact sensor for hanging art or wall-mounted 3D objects. This is the ultimate prevention for grab-and-run theft at a price that anyone can afford. Safe Hook is ideal for galleries and small museums with works on loan and changing shows with the need for effective but very flexible protection.