Why the Pundits have it Wrong

Bill AndersonNews

News last week of the recovery of a Stradivarius violin, more specifically the Ames Stradivarius, was welcome. Once again the pundits got it right with the remark that: “Stolen Stradivarius violins, like famous purloined paintings, are hard to sell because they are so recognizable.

This is comfort for someone who doesn’t mind the disappearance of a valuable asset for 35 years. And it’s not as though the thief guaranteed to return it in 35 years. Only 3-5 percent of stolen art is ever recovered….and that includes “famous purloined paintings”.

As tantalizingly close as we get to finding the Gardner Museum trove after 25 years, the whereabouts remain – and may forever – elusive.

Why do the owners of valuable works of art still adhere to the flawed rationale that works of art can be so valuable they can’t be stolen and fenced, so they don’t need proper security?

You can wait 35 years or protect it against theft in the first place.

 Art Guard MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) is the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective object specific protection for valuable art and assets.

Why take the risk? Blended and layered security is an easy and inexpensive solution.