3 Helpful Marketing Tips for Your Next Show

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3 Marketing Helpful Tips for Your Next Show

Photo by Ruben Ramirez

Your next opening should follow a checklist of some obvious and not-so-obvious details. The obvious is having all the necessary materials on hand, such as the artist’s bio, pricing sheet, and guestbook, prepping the artist on talking points and having easily identifiable personnel throughout the gallery to talk about the works.

However, for your team to bring to life this one-of-a-kind show requires a focus on one key, yet often overlooked, element–your marketing strategy.

Here are three marketing tactics to give you an edge and help you drive people to your exhibition.

Invest in Online Marketing

Start by exploring the “Arts and Community” section of your local newspaper, classified ads, or the newspaper’s website for local art publications. Access online art community platforms such as Artsy and others and upload some of the key pieces with a link to your event page to improve your SEO and build backlinks, making your website more easily found. Finally, share the experience online with a Live Video on Facebook or Instagram to capture a younger audience on the day of the event.

Make A Bigger Splash

It is getting more and more difficult to cut through the noise, both online and off. By preceding the opening with a panel discussion or a workshop a few hours before you can maximize your efforts and drive a bigger crowd. Tap into your speakers’ business networks and influence. Panel discussions or presentations are a new way to create an event experience, and by bringing on speakers with their own followers and network you will drive more people into your show.

Be Street Smart with Retail Marketing

Target local buyers by partnering with real estate brokers and real estate companies. Hanging a newly acquired art piece in a new home gives it that sense of completeness. By building relationships with real estate brokers you might open up the opportunity to be featured in their newsletter and other marketing to their perspective local buyers.


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