Art Guard’s Technology Recognized in Robb Report Article

Bill AndersonBlog, News

Robb Report August 2019

We are proud to have our technology singled out in the luxury-lifestyle magazine, Robb Report, in a recent article titled Forget Panic Rooms and Alarms, State-of-the-Art Security Is Now Insanely High-Tech—and Nearly Invisible”.

The Robb Report is a dynamic influencer magazine for high net worth individuals worldwide. Their selection of our MAP technology, which protects valuable assets, is no less than a testimonial for our firm and products and their impact since 2006 on the protection of art in high-end collector homes, as well as major museums and galleries.

It’s nice to be noticedespecially when a big part of your mission is to remain invisible!  We know the last thing admirers of art want to see is an obvious theft prevention mechanism. That’s why we provide discreet, yet powerful, security solutions that allow art collectors and curators to display their art confidentlywithout worrying about ruining the intimacy of the experience or the possibility of theft. From hanging and seated art to other valuable stationary assets, our MAP technology offers flexible solutions for your clients’ peace of mind. 

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