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The New York Public Library Trusts Art Guard

Bill AndersonBlog, News

The NY Public Library recently reached out to Art Guard to provide our unique security solution for many of their most prized treasures. This is an honor and certainly recognition of our museum-level protection for over $1 billion worth of art and other valuables in well-known institutions, such as the Gardner Museum in Boston, Minneapolis Institute of Art, San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, Sotheby’s and many high-end collectors homes

We’re thrilled to address the challenges every installation presents and proud to provide cutting-edge, object-specific protection for the Library’s priceless collections.

Art Guard MAP sensors protect the Library’s world-renowned collection which benefits from three main features of our system:

1- Flexibility

The Library’s flagship 5th Ave. location, the Stephen A. Schwartzman Building, has nearly 650,000 sq. ft. in which millions of visitors annually view permanent and rotating exhibitions. To meet their security needs, flexible deployment is key. Art Guard has provided sensors and control panels throughout with the potential for integration into the main access control system.

2- Ease of use

Not all of the Library’s 2,500 employees have a security background, so ease of use is paramount. Art Guard’s MAP wireless sensor is the only comprehensive object-specific security solution available for the multitude of challenges that museum security personnel face. Installation of sensors and magnets is quick and simple with full support videos. Changing sensors/magnets to new works or a new show is an easy process, too.

3- Comprehensive

The NY Public Library’s collection of international treasures is as diverse as the multi-faceted city it serves – precious books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, seated and hanging art, sculptures and other valuable assets are displayed and stored there. Art Guard’s MAP System is perfectly suited to the Library’s needs because the comprehensive, wireless, theft prevention sensors protect both hanging and seated pieces, from the largest of paintings and sculpture to the very smallest of objects without damaging them. This clearly distinguishes MAP from any other security solution.

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