About Art Guard Company Story Refining Asset Protection

Consistently Refining Asset Protection

For well over a decade, Art Guard has been a leader in providing innovative, cost-effective security solutions for the protection of art and cultural assets in a wide array of institutions, facilities and private collections around the world.

Art Guard was founded in 2006 in response to dramatic increases in art valuations and a corresponding increase in “grab and run” theft. Art Guard Safe Hook was introduced to alarm hanging art, both large and small. The innovative design and reputation for reliability brought Safe Hook to the forefront of the art security market. It continues to satisfy the demand for an inexpensive, battery-powered object-specific alarm and is widely seen as the first effective security alarm specific to an individual piece of hanging art.

In 2012 our commitment to providing leading edge security solutions led Art Guard to begin development on a device to protect seated objects; especially, small, vulnerable pieces that have traditionally been shown behind glass or kept from view. The goal was a device that would offer both accessibility and state-of-the-art security.

In 2014 Art Guard introduced MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection), a patented wireless technology that provides object-specific theft protection for nearly any stationary object, including art, antiques, jewelry, historic artifacts, collectibles and memorabilia. MAP is unique in its ability to secure both hanging and seated objects, and is the only device to offer both accessibility and pinpoint security to very small items.

With hundreds of MAP installations in large and small museums, corporations, hotels, libraries, galleries and private collectors’ homes Art Guard continues to expand its ability to secure any stationary asset of monetary, historic or intrinsic value, anywhere in the world. Development is focused on being able to integrate MAP into any control panel or access control system, making it the universal solution. As security applications in home automation systems continue to grow, Art Guard is working to bring sensors to IoT systems, as well.

Art Guard remains committed to providing innovative, reliable, cost-efficient security solutions and superior customer service. Our products are available within the United States and Canada and increasingly throughout the world.