Gettysburg, PA
“Map has thankfully taken our mind off the theft factor.”
E. Harris Gallery, NYC
“We feel confident that we're adequately protected against any tampering or attempted thefts."
Denise Bibro Fine art, NYC
“Art Guard is both an effective alert and inexpensive.”

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Major NYC museum
“Art Guard’s MAP has given both security and the conservators a real sense of comfort that no other security product has been able to. MAP can placed behind any painting or under any object and detect unauthorized movement and deliver an immediate response. Providing this type of object-based security is the future for museums and private collectors looking for a heightened level of protection." - Chief of Security

Eisenhower National Historic Site, Gettysburg, PA
"We installed Art Guard MAP on pieces that are exposed to traffic and without another means of protection. MAP has thankfully taken our mind off the theft factor for these items.” - Security

Large Midwest Museum
“We are a large mid-western museum and have used both Art Guard Safe Hook and the MAP sensors for several years now. MAP in particular has been most helpful in applications where stealth, dependability, and sensitivity to the art material being protected is required. It's versatility and dependability have helped us protect masterpieces and meet the requirements of lenders from museums around the world.” - Director of Security

Nahmad Contemporary, NYC
“The Art Guard Wi-Fi system was the perfect solution for securing high value works on loan. It did exactly what we wanted, and we were able to provide absolute assurance to the lenders.” - Amy Hussey

Elizabeth Harris Gallery, NYC
“We’ve had a number of robberies in our building recently, and our lack of defense was painfully clear. We can’t possibly watch everyone who walks in and out of our gallery. We’ve since installed Art Guard and we feel confident that we’re adequately protected against any tampering or attempted thefts.” - Elizabeth Harris

Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC
“Many people are waking up to the vulnerabilities of galleries to theft. It makes no sense not to do something about it, and Art Guard is both an effective alert and inexpensive. This is a perfectly suited product for our concerns.” - Almitra Stanley

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