History Museums and Historic Houses

Individual Alarms that Fortify Historically Accurate Displays

Increased accessibility, lower vulnerability
History museums and historic houses are particularly challenged with balancing accessibility and security – exhibiting objects with historic authenticity while protecting those same works from theft. Art Guard MAP provides an independent layer of wireless security that invisibly protects even the smallest of objects, such as a pendant or fountain pen lying on a library desk. Objects that have been displayed behind glass or at a distance may now be experienced in their original historical context. As a result of installing MAP sensors, a number of house museums in the U.S. now permit public access to rooms that have been roped off for years.

Safeguarding historical collections
A museum theft means more than the loss of an object; it affects the value of the collection as a whole, as well as the museum’s reputation for stewardship. Increasingly, art thefts are occurring during visiting hours, when nighttime security is off. Best practices in museum security advise on the use of multiple, independent layers of security. Art Guard MAP object-specific alarms can close the door on theft by providing 24/7 protection.

System flexibility
Smaller museums and historical facilities can choose between a number of convenient systems to deliver the MAP protection. MAP sensors can be integrated into a variety of standard security control panels so it may be possible to use with the facility’s current perimeter security system. MAP can also be set up with a dedicated control panel to serve the object specific protection exclusive from the building security. Or the MAP Gold System may be the preferred choice for plug-and-play setup and the convenience of managing the entire system from a mobile device. In any case, MAP provides discreet, around-the-clock protection to each and every asset.

Affordable, scalable, dedicated
Designed for precise protection, scalability and ease-of-use, MAP is also the most affordable object-specific alarm systems in terms of both capital investment and life cycle costs. MAP sensors can be used on just a few vulnerable objects, as an added layer of protection for works on loan, or to alarm entire rooms. No other product approaches the precision, flexibility and scalability of MAP.


You can’t stop the threat, but you CAN stop the act.

FACT: The FBI estimates that annual losses from art theft worldwide amount to 8 billion annually, but most experts agree that the real figure is far greater.

FACT: Only 3-5% of all stolen art is ever recovered.

FACT: Grab-and-run theft accounts for over 50% of art losses.

FACT: Interpol ranks as fourth-largest criminal enterprise after drugs, money laundering and weapons. And recovery rates are abysmally low.