Partner Program: Toward Satisfied Clients

Art Guard recognizes that selecting a security partner is a major decision and a commitment — and the best partnerships are built on competencies and trust. When you partner with Art Guard, you benefit from the years of experience and knowledge gained from our long-standing relationships with galleries, major museums and high-end private collectors.

A competitive advantage with a recognized solution

The Art Guard Partner Program provides not only opportunities for upselling and increased revenue but our personal dedication to go the extra mile to make certain that your client is satisfied with the end result and knowing it came from you. Our technology is not a one-size-tries-to-fit-all solution, so it requires our knowledge of the equipment and systems you’re working with to provide a seamless interface.

Program Benefits


For Your Company

  • New and existing customer contact initiatives
  • Increased revenue opportunities from product, service and monitoring
  • Engineering support to work toward easiest and most attractive solution
  • Preferred pricing
  • Co-branding opportunities
  • Digital marketing support with social media outreach
  • Demo kits

For Your Clients

  • Peace of mind with layered 24/7 protection
  • New and innovative protective coverage, whether primary or secondary
  • Minimal impact on the art with maximum coverage
  • State of the art technology with ever expanding features
  • Knowledge of best practices in handling art
  • Certificate of protection for insurers

Join The Art Guard Partner Program

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