Think beyond Intrusion and Fire

Intrusion security is not art and asset protection. And that’s good for installers and integrators, because it gives you the opportunity to sell and install 2nd and 3rd layers of protection in any facility with valuable objects.

Whether large museums or high-end residences and anything in between, perimeter security is off anywhere from 8 – 16 hrs. of the day. Even if cameras or personnel on watch are employed, the ultimate protection comes down to an object-specific alert.

Asset Protection Made Easy

Art Guard’s MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) sensor is the end point in the process of securing art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, memorabilia, cases, safes, books, tapestries and even wine -- anything that is portable and of value, large or small, indoors or out.  With easy enrollment and application.

Art Guard MAP v2

Why object-specific protection?

$6 Billion!

That’s the value of just art stolen annually, to say nothing of other assets. Homes are particularly vulnerable because they depend almost entirely on perimeter security and 50% of art theft occurs there, usually by people already in the home. The rest is from institutions whose job it is to safeguard the art.

Why MAP?

It’s Universal. It's Simple

Both you and your client want a means of protection that doesn’t depend on what the object is or what the system is. MAP protects anything. And it can be integrated into the majority of popular intrusion panels and interface with the majority of access controls.

MAP is Trusted

“I’ve used standard motion sensors in prior installs and nothing compares with the MAP sensor in ease of use, flexibility and its ability to cover any item my clients want to protect."Top 10 National Integrator.

MAP is Simple and Time Saving

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that the install of the MAP sensors could not have gone better. They were very easy to setup and install and worked wonderfully. The art curator was so impressed with the system they are going to recommend them to all their clients. In a matter of 4 hours we had protected 25 pieces valued in the millions. Simply amazing! Everyone was ecstatic on how well things went." Chris Svendsen, Vantage Security, VA.

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Security Sales & Integration
Security Sales & Integration

How to Order

At Art Guard we provide installers and integrators the chance to increase revenue with reliable security products, backed by personal support and trusted by some of the most prestigious museums, galleries and collectors in the world. Contact Art Guard for pricing and any further information. Call us at 212.989.1594 or email us at

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