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Growth in home security is great news for installers who see beyond intrusion and fire. Home automation is pushing the development of features in even conventional security systems that include a greater number of touch points. One of these is object-specific protection as applied to art and valuable assets, including antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, jewelry, coins, tapestries, and even wine, in the home. But protection of art and other stationary objects also serves a variety of facilities and institutions, whether small museums, galleries, offices, hotels or places of worship.

MAP sensors can be integrated into an existing security panel as a separate, 24-hour loop or enrolled in a completely different and dedicated panel, as art security consultants recommend a separate point of failure. Perimeter intrusion security is only on a portion of the day, no matter what type of facility. Whether occupants, workers, staff, guests or visitors are in the home or facility, the security system is disarmed to allow normal movement, and every asset is vulnerable to theft.

The insurance industry is increasingly pushing for better risk mitigation for their clients for whom theft would be a significant monetary, as well as emotional, loss. Art Guard is responding with a reliable, easy-to-install and affordable solution that can serve existing clients or help attract new ones.

Best of all for security installers, this is new, not substituted, revenue, from additional hardware, installation and potentially separate monitoring contract.