Asset Protection for Private Art Collections and Valuable Stationary Assets against Theft

24/7, Dedicated, Discreet and Pinpoint Security for Art and Assets

Security for Private Art Collections and Valuable Stationary Assets


  • MAP is museum-grade, used by this country’s most prestigious institutions.
  • Movement of either the sensor or magnet (asset) triggers a customized alert.
  • Backed by the insurance industry.
  • Supervised sensors with 4-5 year battery life and low battery alert.
  • Any attempt to tamper with the sensor produces as alert.
  • Cellular backup immediately takes over in case of Internet interruption (MAP System) or can operate on cellular as the primary communication.
  • Programmed to minimize false alarms.


No home is immune to theft. Because many homeowners believe their perimeter security system offers adequate protection they are particularly vulnerable. In fact over 50% of art thefts are from private residences. And once valuable art is stolen the chance that it will ever be recovered is just 4%.

Best practices in art security highly recommend a dedicated system for art and valuable assets in a redundant, blended approach to security. Art Guard MAP provides unparalleled around-the-clock protection to individual objects, whether perimeter/intrusion security is on or off to allow for the daily activities of a home’s residents, staff, workers and guests or is compromised.

Protection for each and every stationary object
MAP provides museum-grade security for nearly any stationary object in the home, including art, jewelry, tapestry, antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, wine and firearms. MAP sensors can even tell if a car is moved. Sensors and magnets are completely hidden from view. Real-time alerts allow for a quick response during those crucial seconds before a priceless object is lost forever.

The MAP System Gold for unparalleled versatility and convenience
The Gold MAP System is particularly suited for private residences but just as advantageous for galleries and small museums. This plug-and-play system is shipped with pre-enrolled MAP sensors ready to be installed and managed entirely from a mobile device. No security installer is required. Sensors on art should be installed by a qualified art handler or, for other applications, the homeowner. The system has cellular backup for uninterrupted protection in case of Internet failure. Individual sensors can be bypassed for moving or cleaning art with the touch of button on the app. The MAP System mixes the safety of traditional security with the ease of home automation.

MAP with standard home security systems*
MAP can also be integrated into a host of standard intrusion security systems by a qualified security installer. Whether as a stand-alone, dedicated system for assets or a part of the existing security system MAP communicates directly with Honeywell, Ademco, Resideo, 2GIG, DMP, Qolsys, Alula, and DSC systems and can be translated to Interlogix. In any case, sensors and magnets should be applied by a qualified art handler working with the security installer. Whichever system is employed, no other security solution provides the unique ability to protect nearly any object of value and do so with such reliability, safety for the asset, flexibility and affordability, offering the ultimate peace of mind for any private collector.

  • Sensor never touches the work, eliminating risk of damage from battery leaks.
  • Used by conservators for delicate objects.


  • Object-specific protection for any piece of art and valuable asset, no matter how small.
  • 400 ft. wireless sensor transmission can be extended with the use of inexpensive repeaters to cover any size home.
  • MAP can be used just as easily for outdoor sculpture or objects within 400 ft. of the home.


  • Completely scalable for any size collection or application.
  • Multiple objects can be protected by a single sensor.
  • Alerts are completely customizable to suit your alarm and response needs, including audio alarm, emails, text or calls to multiple parties, a relay to a central station or triggering a camera or lights.


  • No other system compares in initial and life-cycle cost.

*Art Guard sells only the MAP sensor and magnets and the MAP System. Art Guard does not do installations. MAP System DIY installations are completely supported by Art Guard with video and telephone customer support. Standard security panels and associated equipment, installation and monitoring are provided by your local security installer. If you would like information on local installers, please contact us.


You can’t stop the threat, but you CAN stop the act.

FACT: The FBI estimates that annual losses from art theft worldwide amount to 8 billion annually, but most experts agree that the real figure is far greater.

FACT: Only 3-5% of all stolen art is ever recovered.

FACT: Grab-and-run theft accounts for over 50% of art losses.

FACT: Interpol ranks as fourth-largest criminal enterprise after drugs, money laundering and weapons. And recovery rates are abysmally low.