Asset Protection for Hotels against Theft

Protection from Theft for Any Art and Decorative Object

Being the perfect host with imperfect guests
Wrapping guests in an environment that elevates their feeling of privilege and comfort, contributing to that singular and unique experience of feeling pampered is an ever higher goal by which high-end hotels and resorts strive to distinguish themselves. Original artwork and designer fixtures are becoming commonplace in many properties. It’s simply how they want to be identified and raved about. But hotels are not museums. Guards are not ever-present. Bag checks are not protocol. Guests are given the benefit of the doubt. The goal is relaxation and the perception that any intrusion or sense of supervision has been thoughtfully removed, giving guests the freedom to identify, even imagine. This is great for guests and a liability for hotels. The maxim that anything is steal-able carries a much greater consequence than the loss of towels or bathrobes.

Discreet protection for any valuable object
The security of art and valuable objects in the lobby and other public spaces is always a problem when there is little control over who enters and exits. Art Guard security devices are designed to discreetly alarm objects on display, large and very small, while providing 24/7 protection, an area where other systems fall short. Conventional systems and practices are limited:

  • Hotel personnel can only be so vigilant
  • A security guard may be a deterrent but are is costly, obtrusive and limited
  • Cameras can document theft but not prevent it
  • Standard motion and vibration sensors have size and performance limitations

Art Guard MAP: Discreet, museum-grade protection
Art Guard’s MAP wireless sensor is used in some of this country’s most prestigious museums, galleries and homes of high-end collectors. MAP is capable of protecting nearly any stationary object, seated or hanging and no matter how small. This can include decorative items in the lobby and any art in public spaces. MAP can just as easily be employed to secure artwork in guest rooms. Whether integrated into the existing security system, set up with a stand-alone conventional control panel or used with Art Guard’s MAP System, MAP can discreetly alert the front desk or any other party in the hotel with the specifics of the object moved.


You can’t stop the threat, but you CAN stop the act.

FACT: The FBI estimates that annual losses from art theft worldwide amount to 8 billion annually, but most experts agree that the real figure is far greater.

FACT: Only 3-4% of all stolen art is ever recovered.

FACT: Grab-and-run theft accounts for over 50% of art losses.

FACT: Interpol ranks as fourth-largest criminal enterprise after drugs, money laundering and weapons. And recovery rates are abysmally low, about five to eight per cent.