MAP Gold System FAQ's

Q. How does the MAP Gold System differ from other security systems?
A. Gold is a fully interactive and completely dedicated wireless system with unparalleled flexibility. It acts in stand-alone mode, operating 24/7 in the background with no connection to activities on the main security system, particularly arming, disarming and troubles. The panel can be set up anywhere internet, wi-fi or cellular are available and affixed to the wall or sitting in its own stand. Gold can be moved without any interruption. Gold is a hybrid of a standard security system with the ease of a home automation system.

Q. Does Art Guard install the system? 
A. We do installations in the NYC tri-state area. Otherwise, we ship Gold as a dedicated, plug-and-play system throughout the world with full, no-cost support.

Q. Can Gold be interfaced with my main security? 
A. Gold is completed dedicated and cannot be integrated with any other systems. There are no outputs for hard wiring. Most art security advisers recommend a dedicated system because it is unaffected by the main security.

Q. Can I move the system?
A. The Gold system is completely portable and can be moved within a facility or from one facility to another.

Q. Can I deactivate the system and reactivate it at a later date? What’s involved?
A. Many institutions use Gold for special exhibits because of this flexibility. The system can be deactivated and monitoring stopped and brought back into service at any time without affecting the enrolled sensors. We will simply turn off monitoring and deactivate the system and reactive both at your direction.

Q. What kind of response can I get to alarms or troubles?
The panel has a built-in siren that can be deactivated. A remote siren is also available. Normal data response includes push notifications from a mobile app or sms texts and emails. Phone calls to the system user, police or other physical response svc. can be added.

Q. Can I use my own monitoring company?  
A. No, Art Guard uses Alula’s back-end for delivery of texts and emails. If central station monitoring for phone calls and physical response is requested, Art Guard uses Rapid Response, a prominent national monitoring service.

Q. How many people can be notified of an event?                  
A. Any number of people can be added as users with various access and managing privileges.

Q. What happens if the internet goes down?
A. The system quickly transitions to cellular. If the Internet is prone to interruptions an option is operate on wi-fi with a cellular back up.

Q. Can I get a reduction on my insurance by installing Gold?
A. Insurance companies will often suggest purchasing the Gold system but will not advertise discounts for doing so. However, inquiries after the fact with proof of installation from Art Guard may result in a discount.

Q. Are there any other charges associated with the system?
A. Aside from the original equipment costs and monthly monitoring, there are no other fees.