Art Guard FAQs

MAP System

Q. What is the major difference between the MAP System and MAP sensors in a conventional control panel?
A. The biggest distinction is that the MAP System is a do-it-yourself system. Sensors are shipped pre-enrolled in the panel, which can simply be plugged into a power outlet and connected to a router for primary IP communication with cellular as back-up or as the primary communications. A Wi-Fi card is optional. No security installer is necessary. And the MAP System must be monitored. The MAP System is intended largely for private residences, galleries and small institutional facilities where the convenience of a self-managed system is preferred.

Q. How secure is the MAP System?
A. MAP’s RF signal is converted to a 128 bit encrypted signal making it unequivocally safe.

Q. What happens if the internet goes down or is compromised?
A. The Art Guard/Helix panel has a GSM or CDMA cellular card enabling immediate and complete back-up communication.

Q. What is the major advantage of the MAP System?
Convenience first. Complete management of the system can be done from a computer or mobile device through an online interface or free app. Second, safety. With three means of communication the integrity of the System is carefully maintained against hacking and failure. Third, cost. As a plug-and-play package, there is no need for a security installer.