Safe Hook FAQs

Safe Hook Product Specifics FAQs

Q.What size and type of facility is the Art Guard Safe Hook designed for use in?
A. Safe Hook is a stand-alone, object-specific solution that provides dependable primary security for smaller facilities where the threat of theft is during daytime operation and someone can respond to the 120 decibel alarm. For larger facilities with cameras and perimeter security that is off during operating hours, Safe Hook provides back-up protection. Safe Hook is often used by major museums to protect individual hanging pieces on loan to the institution and by galleries with unsupervised traffic and during openings.

Q. Will the Safe Hook interfere with our installed security systems?
A. Safe Hook has no connection to other security and will not interfere with installed security
systems but will enhance the entire security program. For larger facilities with cameras and
perimeter security that are off during operating hours Safe Hook provides economical back-up

Q. How reliable is Safe Hook?
A. Very reliable. Safe Hook sensors are highly resistant to tampering and have never
experienced a failure. Art Guard designed Safe Hook with ease of use in mind, thus minimizing
the possibility of human error from installation through maintenance. The module has a full
year of life with 2 standard AAA batteries and two years with lithium batteries and emits a low
battery alert.

Q. How great is the risk of false alarms?
A. Minimal. In order to set off the alarm, the protected painting or object must be lifted, indicating a deliberate attempt to steal it. Less deliberate movement, like simply touching it or straightening the frame, will not set off the alarm, thereby mitigating the chance for false alarms.

Q. How do I turn off the alarm to move a piece?
A. In order to disarm Safe Hook, the pin on the end of the Safe Hook strap must be re-inserted in the bottom of the sensor. If the painting is large enough, you may be able to pull it away from the wall without lifting it and provide enough room to reach in and insert the pin. For smaller works, you will have to lift the piece and set off the alarm to quickly insert the pin.

Q. Where has the Art Guard Safe Hook been installed?
A. Some of the world’s most prestigious museums make Art Guard Safe hook a staple of their security protocol. These include NYC’s Morgan Library, The National Gallery in Washington and the Fondazione Musica in Rome.

Q. Will the components of Safe Hook affect the art or objects in any way?
A. No. The Safe Hook is completely safe to use and will not compromise the integrity of the artwork. Developed with safety in mind, the contoured plastic cover prevents punctures of paper-backed frames. Importantly, the batteries never come in contact with the art.

Safe Hook Installation FAQs

Q. Will Safe Hook work with any size painting?
A. Yes. The Safe Hook module is sturdy and can support any painting or object that can be carried. If more support is necessary, either another Art Guard module can be added or support can be augmented with additional hooks. If the painting is very small and may lack enough weight to depress the pressure pin, a lead weight should be added to the bottom back of the frame.

Q. What if my paintings are not hung in a conventional manner?
A. As long as pressure can be placed on the pin on the top of Safe Hook, it can operate in the same way. Attaching a false hanging wire may be necessary but is just as effective. See alternative hanging methods.

Q. Does Art Guard provide any warranty protection for Safe Hook?
A. Art Guard warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty gives Art Guard the option of repair or replacement and does not include shipping and handling costs.

MAP Product Differentiation FAQs

Q. What is the difference between Art Guard MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) and Art Guard SAFE HOOK?
A. Both Art Guard products offer innovative, cost-effective and reliable object-specific protection.

  • Art Guard Safe Hook is a battery-powered, stand-alone sensor that protects hanging art with an audible alarm emitted at the point of contact with the painting. Someone must be within audible range of its 120 decibel alarm to be alerted to an attempted theft or tampering. Safe Hook is very affordable device, perfect for daytime protection and for temporary exhibits.
  • Art Guard MAP employs cutting-edge technology that protects almost any stationary object, whether hanging or seated, around the clock and with a completely customized
    response. MAP is designed to meet any facility’s demands for pinpoint protection of valuable assets when perimeter security is off or as a final line of defense if perimeter security is breached.

Art Guard MAP

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