Multiple User-Friendly DIY Solutions For High-End Art and Asset Protection

Art Guard offers simple and reliable out-of-the-box solutions to protect paintings, sculptures and other valuable objects. No installer is required to set up and manage MAP Systems.

MAP System Silver


Audible alert solution


  • Low-cost self-contained system with audible alarm
  • Flexible and easy to manage
  • Completely wireless communication
  • Ships with MAP v2 sensors already enrolled
  • Siren from panel or remote wireless sirens
  • Upgrade with a phone module for texts and calls
  • Two outputs for wired connection to relays/other systems


The MAP System Silver is the easiest and most flexible way to protect art and assets with an audible alert. It consists of an industry standard DSC self-contained Impassa control panel that plugs into any 110v power outlet. There are no wires to run. Wireless MAP v2 sensors have been pre-enrolled into the panel. Additional sensors can be enrolled by the client. Once MAP v2 sensors are installed on the art or assets and the panel is powered up, the press of a button arms and disarms the system and bypasses individual sensors for moving or cleaning while the system is armed. No security installer is necessary.


  • Large LED panel screen and keyboard for easy viewing and system management
  • Alarm alerts on movement of a protected piece
  • Beeper to alert guards or local personnel can be added
  • Alerts for low battery, tamper and loss of signal
  • Start with any number of sensors and add more later – up to 64.
  • Portability. Simply power it down when no longer needed and power it up when back in use. All data is retained.

Ideal for

  • Moving a system between galleries
  • Special shows and works on loan
  • Travel with a show or one or more works
  • Areas not covered by main security or the primary art protection in smaller museums and galleries
Map System Silver

MAP System Gold

Discreet mobile solution


  • A complete, dedicated and self-contained security system for the most critical security needs with convenience of home automation
  • Operates independently of any other system for discreet, always-on protection
  • Comprehensive notification of alerts to alarms and sensor and system conditions
  • Flexible placement of the panel so not confined to security closet
  • Completely wireless
  • No installer necessary


The MAP System Gold is the ultimate in small system protection for art and valuable stationary assets of any kind. The Alula panel receives the wireless MAP v2 sensor signals and communicates over IP with an Ethernet connection and 4G LTE cellular with a built-in card or Wi-Fi as a third option. Interruption of the Internet signal causes the cellular mode to take over instantaneously for continuous coverage. Management of the system, including arming, disarming, bypassing sensors, adding contacts and specifying their roles is done through a mobile app or online from Art Guard’s portal. This is the industry’s answer to customer convenience and reliability. Gold is the choice of serious collectors. 


  • Award winning control panel with online and mobile app management of the system, the sensors and all contacts for alerts
  • Up to 96 pre-enrolled MAP v2 sensors
  • All means of notification, including sirens, texts, emails and phone calls
  • Alerts to multiple parties
  • Condition reports include low sensor battery, sensor tamper and loss of signal.
  • 24 hour back-up panel battery
  • System portability
  • Encrypted communication

Ideal for

  • Private collectors' homes where privacy and convenience is the key
  • Galleries for flexibility and ease of installation 
  • Corporate collections
  • High-end works that travel and require multiple means of notification
Map System Gold

Other Integrations

For integration of MAP Sensors into your home or facility security system, contact your security installer or integrator.


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