Map v2 Wireless Object Specific Security

Universal Protection from Theft of Art
and Valuable Assets


Art Guard MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) is the leading object-specific security solution for stationary assets, including art, antiques, tapestry, historic artifacts, memorabilia, jewelry, collectibles, wine and firearms. This comprehensive, wireless, theft prevention sensor is unique in its ability to protect both hanging and seated pieces, from the largest of paintings and sculpture to the very smallest of objects, distinguishing MAP from any other security solution.

MAP v2 has dual protection, with the ability to operate in both or either magnetometer and accelerometer modes. In its patented magnetometer mode v2 detects the movement of a tiny rare-earth magnet, which can be safely and discreetly attached to the surface of almost any object. The MAP sensor is placed nearby—either behind a hanging piece or beneath the supporting surface of a seated work. Both the sensor and magnet are completely hidden from view. Once MAP is enrolled in a control panel or access control system, any movement of either the asset/magnet or the sensor triggers an immediate location-specific alert to the panel, which activates an alarm or other customizable response. When environmental conditions call for it v2 can easily be switched to accelerometer mode to be placed directly on the back of a hanging work and operate exclusively as a tilt sensor with no magnet. Regardless, MAP protects collections by simply and effectively alarming each individual piece.

The MAP sensor, now in both 433 and 345 MHz versions, is designed to communicate with the leading manufacturers’ panels and access control systems. Whether MAP is on a dedicated system or integrated into the existing security it provides unparalleled protection every hour of the day. MAP is trusted by top collectors, insurers and some the world’s leading museums.

“Art Guard’s MAP has given both security and the conservators a real sense of comfort that no other security product has been able to” said the Chief of Security of a major NYC museum. “Small and discreet, MAP sensors placed behind a painting or under an object can detect any unauthorized movement and deliver an immediate response. Providing this type of object-based security is the future for museums and private collectors looking for a heightened level of protection."

  • The only truly comprehensive art & asset protection
  • Secure any stationary object, hanging or seated, large or small
  • The ultimate in application flexibility and safety
  • Interface with growing list of panels/platforms
  • Lowest initial and life cycle costs
“Being able to easily attach a digital ID to any stationary object of value, from a piece of art to a piece of jewelry, a bottle of wine or the car in your garage, as Art Guard’s MAP does, is revolutionary.”

National security integrator

Art Guard

National security integrator

“Being able to easily attach a digital ID to any stationary object of value, from a piece of art to a piece of jewelry, a bottle of wine or the car in your garage, as Art Guard’s MAP does, is revolutionary.”
Art Guard

Due to the sensitive nature of security, we do not disclose clients’ names. Please contact us.

Museum Grade

  • Uses industry standard components
  • Operating in some of the country’s most prestigious museums, galleries and homes of high end private collectors
  • Preferred solution for major security system integrators
  • Sensors and magnets completely hidden from view
  • Sensors are location specific with individual digital ID
  • MAP transmits over 400 ft. and more with repeaters


  • Protects any size stationary object in any size facility, indoors or out
  • Wide variety of magnets allow for use on objects of varying shapes and configurations

Safe for Art

  • Used by conservators for the most delicate objects
  • Magnets can be applied with pH neutral museum wax or even completely inert wheat or rice paste
  • MAP has a smaller footprint on an object than any other solution.


  • MAP can be integrated into a wide variety of control panels and systems, either as a stand-alone, dedicated solution or partitioned into the existing security
  • Operates in RF mode
  • Scalable from one sensor to unlimited
  • Can be shipped as DIY with pre-enrolled sensors in standard control panel or the MAP Systems Gold and Silver

Easy to Use

  • Easy enrollment in appropriate system by installers and integrators
  • Easy application of sensors and magnets
  • Simple switch from magnetometer to accelerometer
  • Complete support through videos and customer service support


  • Low investment and life cycle costs
  • More affordable than any other object-specific security solution

MAP Specifications

v2 Sensor size: 2” x 2” x 1⁄2”
 Power: 2 x CR2450 lithium coin cell batteries with 4-5 year life span   RF frequency: 433 MHz   Check-in: Industry standard 60 minutes
   Compatibility: MAP 345 enrolls directly into Honeywell/Ademco, DMP, Qolsys, 2GIG, Resideo, Elk and Alula panels and through DMP to AMAG, Genetec and Lenel. MAP 433 enrolls in DSC legacy panels and into CCure 9000 and Kantech access controls.