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The Missing Step In Home Protection of Art and Assets

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With the means to protect almost everything in our lives through ever evolving technology and readily available and affordable security products, it’s surprising that many people, particularly art collectors, still disregard their vulnerabilities. The majority of homeowners, including those with highly valuable assets, rely on monitored intrusion security systems with door/window – and occasionally motion – sensors to protect against …

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The New York Public Library Trusts Art Guard

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The NY Public Library recently reached out to Art Guard to provide our unique security solution for many of their most prized treasures. This is an honor and certainly recognition of our museum-level protection for over $1 billion worth of art and other valuables in well-known institutions, such as the Gardner Museum in Boston, Minneapolis Institute of Art, San Francisco’s …

4 Questions with an Art Collection Security Expert

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Unfortunately, art theft happens In 1990, 13 works of art were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Works by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Degas, and others have never been recovered—and the museum continues to investigate. They are currently offering a $5 million reward for any intel on the recovery of these works in good condition. Security is a major …

3 Helpful Marketing Tips for Your Next Show

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Your next opening should follow a checklist of some obvious and not-so-obvious details. The obvious is having all the necessary materials on hand, such as the artist’s bio, pricing sheet, and guestbook, prepping the artist on talking points and having easily identifiable personnel throughout the gallery to talk about the works. However, for your team to bring to life this …

Alula + Art Guard: Protecting the Priceless

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Late at night on March 18, 1990, two thieves dressed as police officers — one of them bold enough to sport a false mustache made of wax — talked their way past security guards at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. After handcuffing the hapless guards, the pair made off with a half-billion-dollars’ worth of paintings by Rembrandt, Degas, …